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Catch The Lie Detective Saturdays on CourtTV Canada and Access
Check the broadcast schedule for detailed times for each episode.

The Lie Detective is a character-driven documentary series that follows the work of independent Polygraph Examiner and self-professed truth seeker, Ken Donaldson, as he helps people from all walks of life in their quest for honesty, resolution and freedom from deception.

Whether it’s feuding couples embroiled in he-said she-said battles, accusation-slinging families, business owners protecting their assets, or even athletes hoping to prove they are drug-free, Ken sees it all. Since opening ITR Polygraph Service five years ago, Ken’s business has grown steadily, and the series reveals the fascinating variety of cases that come his way.

Watch Ken as he cracks a new case each week, using his skills and his polygraph equipment to bring us the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

To Contact ITR Polygraph Service
Call Ken & Lesley Donaldson at (780) 460–1040
or email info@itrpolygraph.com
visit their website at www.itrpolygraph.com

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