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Body Builders Never Cheat?

Episode One – Body Builders Never Cheat?

Banned substances are a big problem in the world of body building. Ken is hired by Matthew Park of International Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness, Canada, whose premier competition is fast approaching. Ken must polygraph all athletes to ensure their chiseled physiques were achieved without drugs. Not only is Matt’s reputation on the line, but for the athletes, being branded a cheater is death to their natural body building careers. The pressure is on Ken to keep the competition fair for everyone.

8:00 PM MST, Saturday, November 21, 2009 on Access

Relationship 101

Episode Two – Relationship 101

Ken and Lesley move into a bigger office to accommodate their booming business. Enter young couple, Brandon and Amber. Brandon invented fantastic stories about himself and his sex life to impress Amber, the girl he hopes to marry. But Brandon’s lies add up to one big question for Amber: Can she trust Brandon enough to spend her life with him?

8:30 PM MST, Saturday, November 21, 2009 on Access

A Grandfather's Defense

Episode Three – A Grandfather’s Defense

A grandfather comes to Ken’s office with an emotionally disturbing case. Alienated by his family, the man wants to clear his name of allegations that he sexually molested his granddaughter. Ken must find out if he’s an innocent man or a sexual predator.

8:00 PM MST, Saturday, November 28, 2009 on Access

Haunted by the Past

Episode Four – Haunted by the Past

Jacqueline thought she had met the man of her dreams – someone she could trust. After all, they both knew the pain of being burned by a cheating spouse from past relationships. But his pain and mistrust still haunts him, and now Jacqueline is the target of his suspicions. With her man’s increasingly bizarre paranoia threatening to destroy their relationship, Jacqueline turns to Ken for help.

8:30 PM MST, Saturday, November 28, 2009 on Access

Bar Thieves Beware

Episode Five – Bar Thieves Beware

Ken helps Brewhouse owner Roger combat theft in his bar by conducting periodic polygraph screenings of his employees – a practice the bartenders support because it creates an environment of trust. Cam, the most recently hired bartender is next up to undergo the polygraph. But sometimes Ken’s investigations lead to unexpected confessions. Will Cam’s future at the Brewhouse be jeopardized by his past?

8:00 PM MST, Saturday, December 5, 2009 on Access

Lies in Her Eyes

Episode Six – Lies in Her Eyes

After three kids and fourteen years together, Allan is still haunted by the memory of Jodi’s infidelity early in their relationship. “I can’t see truth when I look in her eyes,” says Allan. In fact, he’s so paralyzed by suspicion that he quits his job to keep an eye on Jodi. Despite their deep love for one another, the problem is getting worse. They need Ken’s help now.

8:00 PM MST, Saturday, October 24, 2009 on Access

If He Passes, He’s Psychotic

Episode Seven – "If He Passes, He’s Psychotic"

Gail is obsessed with the idea that her husband, Len, is cheating on her with every free moment. Len claims he has not returned to his ways of the past, and that Gail’s heavy pain medication keeps her from seeing what’s real. Ken’s investigation reveals many sides to a convoluted story. Can Ken sort through the confusion to find where the truth lies and save their forty-three year marriage?

8:30 PM MST, Saturday, October 24, 2009 on Access

Internet Addiction

Episode Eight – Internet Addiction

Military man Stephen has long used the internet as a means to seduce women. In fact it’s how he met his current wife, Koren. But when Koren learns details about Stephen’s internet philandering, she wants to know, has Stephen really given up his sexual escapades? With Stephen’s year-long deployment to Iraq looming, the polygraph is his last chance to prove love and loyalty to Koren.

8:00 PM MST, Saturday, October 31, 2009 on Access

Wedding Day Limbo

Episode Nine – Wedding Day Limbo

A woman from Travis’ past surfaces in Facebook and she’s on a mission to sabotage his love life. His fiancée, Heather, has caught him lying before, so Travis is desperate to deny additional accusations. With their wedding in Las Vegas called off, Travis contacts Ken. If Travis can’t prove his innocence he’ll lose Heather forever.

8:30 PM MST, Saturday, October 31, 2009 on Access

Tarnished Reputation

Episode Ten – Tarnished Reputation

A lonely housewife comes to Ken with the story of her 37-year marriage. After years of believing that her husband is unfaithful, she’s finally ready to walk away. But as Ken questions her, he has concerns and decides not to polygraph her until he checks her story. Will Ken separate fact from fiction and will she get her polygraph exam?

8:00 PM MST, Saturday, November 7, 2009 on Access

I Want My Kids Back

Episode Eleven – "I Want My Kids Back"

A mother of two had her children taken away by child welfare authorities. She is convinced she was judged an unfit mother because of her claim to have psychic abilities, but Ken learns there is more to this case. In a complicated story that involves murder allegations and allegedly flawed court documents, Ken must decide if he can help close the gap between this mother and her children.

8:30 PM MST, Saturday, November 7, 2009 on Access


Episode Twelve – Rules of Engagement

For sixteen years, Adam and Angel have enjoyed the spice of an open relationship. But now, looking forward to marriage, their swinging lifestyle leaves Adam with lingering questions. As Ken digs into the rules of their complicated relationship he finds far more than he ever expected. Will the polygraph be enough to help this couple move forward with their lives?

8:00 PM MST, Saturday, November 14, 2009 on Access


Episode Thirteen – Forgotten Affair?

A volatile couple comes to Ken with what appears to be one clear question: did she have an affair with her brother-in-law twelve years ago? If the accusation is true, why does she have no memory of the betrayal? As Ken fills in the blanks, a story of anger and pain emerges. With wounds so deep, can this couple hope to find trust in their shattered relationship?

8:30 PM MST, Saturday, November 14, 2009 on Access


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